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The current release is Version 2.22.0 and was released on December 7, 2015. This will download a Windows Installer file that will install the latest version. The previous version 2.17.5 was released on December 13, 2013.

Uninstall the version currently on your system before installing the latest version. Your database and application settings will not be removed during the uninstall.

Important Notice

Starting with Version 2.3.0, Alternative Sentencing requires an updated Crossroads System database that contains the counties, parishes, and senatorial districts for the U.S. states. More information regarding this update can be found by clicking here.

AS Update History

Updates are listed by year so you can easily find your current version and scroll down the web page to the current release.

2016 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.22.1 Under development Finish implementation of enhanced record sharing. Updated Change Workstation Name to show current computer name and allow an application administration to add a new workstation name.

2015 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.22.0 December 7, 2015 Began implementing more robust record sharing logic to prevent deadly embraces when more than one user attempts to update the same record on the SQL Server edition.
2.21.1 September 20, 2015 Added New Cases Proofing listing.
2.21.0 July 22, 2015 Added field for client's middle name.
2.20.4 April 7, 2015 Added ability to import client photos taken by another application. Bug fixes.
2.20.3 January 25, 2015 Bug fixes

2014 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.20.2 December 15, 2014 Added button to reset case notes font to 8 point MS Sans Serif. Multiple bug fixes.
2.20.1 December 9, 2014 Daily Fees Receipt now subtotals by type of payment.
2.20.0 November 26, 2014 Added office locations table and case field for office location. Added alternative states to match alternative counties in clients living near a state border. Added several new reports.
2.19.0 August 7, 2014 Added new client fields to track whether or not a client's social security number has been entered or if they do not have one.
2.18.2 July 30, 2014 Fixed an issue where adding a new client would cause the application to crash.
2.18.1 July 13, 2014 Second of three updates that will add payment types, ethnicities and case classifications. Fixes bugs adding new types of case classifications, ethnicities and payment types. Receipts now show payment type.
2.18.0 July 11, 2014 First of three updates that will payment types, ethnicities and case classifications. Fixes various bugs during workstation first time setup.

2013 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.17.5 December 17, 2013 Updated to use compiled help instead of obsolete WinHelp. Also fixed several bugs.

2012 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.17.4 October 18, 2012 Fixed installing on a new computer and allowed case notes to exceed 64k characters.
2.17.3 June 25, 2012 Fixed several bugs.
2.17.2 January 30, 2012 Added ability to see current users and option on Case Detail Listing to include/exclude address/phone history. Fixed several bugs..

2010 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.17.1 October 15, 2010  
2.17.0 September 22, 2010  
2.16.0 September 6, 2010 Added ability to default an agency's work schedule to a printer/fax or email.
2.15.2 August 30, 2010 Maintenance release.
2.15.1 May 21, 2010 Maintenance release.
2.15.0 May 19, 2010 Contains field updates to Clients and ability to schedule agency disqualification list rebuilding until after hours in multi-user environments.
2.14.7 April 12, 2010 Upgrade Alternative Sentencing from Crystal Reports 8.5 to use Crystal Reports XI

2009 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.14.5 October 21, 2009 Maintenance Release
2.14,4 April 23, 2009 Maintenance Release
2.14.3 January 5, 2009 Maintenance Release

2008 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.14.2 December 8, 2008 Maintenance Release
2.14,1 May 23, 2008 Maintenance Release
2.14.0 January 22, 2008 Major Update

2007 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.13.0 November 19, 2007 Major Update

2006 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.12.5 September 22, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.12.4 September 19, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.14.3 September 18, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.14.2 September 5, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.14.1 August 10, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.12.0 August 4, 2006 Major Update
2.11.10 July 27, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11,9 June 23, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.8 June 21, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.7 June 16, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.6 June 9, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.5 June 7, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.4 May 26, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.3 May 10, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.2 May 10, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.1 May 4, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.11.0 March 23, 2006 Major Update
2.10.1 February 24, 2006 Maintenance Release
2.10.0 February 24, 2006 Major Update
2.9.0 February 22, 2006 Major Update
2.8.5 January 24, 2006 Maintenance Release

2005 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.8.4 December 27, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.8.3 November 21, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.8.2 November 17, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.8.1 October 26, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.8.0 October 16, 2005 Major Update
2.7.0 October 6, 2005 Major Update
2.6.5 September 30, 2005 Major Maintenance Release
2.6.4 June 17, 2005 Final Maintenance Release for Waiting Lists
2.6.3 June 15, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.6.2 June 3, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.6.1 June 2, 2005 Maintenance Release
2.6.0 June 1, 2005 Update implementing Waiting Lists
2.5.1 April 11, 2005 Major Maintenance Release
2.5.0 January 16, 2005 Major Update

2004 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.4.0 December 20, 2004 Major Update
2.3.5 November 23, 2004  
2.3.4 November 15, 2004  
2.3.3 October 25, 2004  
2.3.2 October 14, 2004  
2.3.1 October 9, 2004  
2.3.0 August 23, 2004 Major Update
2.2.10 June 23, 2004 Last Public Release
2.2.9 June 22, 2004  
2.2.8 June 17, 2004  
2.2.7 June 14, 2004  
2.2.6 February 27, 2004  
2.2.5 January 26, 2004  
2.2.4 January 19, 2004  

2003 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.2.3 December 17, 2003  
2.2.2 December 5, 2003  
2.2.1 November 26, 2003 Ability to store client photos added.
2.2.0 November 20, 2003 Major Update - Updated Crystal Reports runtime from version 4.6 to 8.5 and fixed problems with running reports to the screen under Windows 2000, XP and 2003.

2002 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.1.5 May 13, 2002  
2.1.4 March 11, 2002  
2.1.3 February 28, 2002  
2.1.2 January 3, 2002  

2001 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.1.1 December 8, 2001  
2.1.0 December 6, 2001 Major Update
2.0.4 September 24, 2001  
2.0.3 Never publicly released  
2.0.2 September 19, 2001  
2.0.1 September 18, 2001  

2000 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
2.0.0 November 16, 2000 Major Update - Converted to use Visual Basic 6.0 runtime and Access 97 formatted databases.
1.15.2 August 21, 2000  
1.15.1 August 17, 2000  
1.15.0 August 16, 2000 Major Update
1.14.1 March 31, 2000  
1.14.0 March 5, 2000 Major Update
1.13.5 February 14, 2000  
1.13.4 February 1, 2000  
1.13.3 January 7, 2000  
1.13.2 January 6, 2000  

1999 Updates

Version Release Date Notes
1.13.1 December 16, 1999  
1.13.0 December 10, 1999 Major Update
1.12.0 December 9, 1999  
1.11.0 December 6, 1999 Major Update
1.10.3 November 15, 1999  
1.10.2 November 10, 1999  
1.10.1 November 10, 1999  
1.10.0 October 29, 1999 Major Update
1.9.13 October 13, 1999  

Version 1.9.13 Released: 19 October 1999

Other Features:

Updated Startup form to replace old Stoner and Wilson, CSE to Crossroads Software Solutions company name.

Updated the default Work Schedule report to display name, case, and judge in larger font.

Version 1.10.0 Released: 10/29/99

New Features:

Updated help subsystem to reflect new updates, new company name, and added What's New in Alternative Sentencing topic.

Updated Case maintenance so that the restitution tab shows all the restitution orders instead of just individual payments.

Created Restitution Types list and Maintenance screens.

Added Restitution Types table and Restitution Received.Type ID field and index.

Bug Fixes:

Force List grids to stay on grid after adding, updating, or removing an entry.

Other Updates:

Removed A-Z option buttons from Client List window as they are obsolete.

Reorganized Administration menu to show Types of option under Auxiliary Tables.

Updated Jurisdiction List to allow the space bar to bring up the detail of the current item in the list.

Restitutions received can now only be removed if the payment has not been posted.

Updated Agency List to allow space bar to display maintenance window.

Updated Skills Maintenance to auto capitalize dscription and to show the agency name instead of ID on the list. It now also allows adding, updating, and removal from the agency list.

Updated Jurisdiction Types detail to auto capitalize description.

Updated Offenses list to be alphabetical.

Version 1.10.1 Released: 11/10/99

Other Updates:

Updated maintenance windows to improve performance and record locking.

Version 1.10.2 Released: 11/10/99

New Features:

Added Notes entry to Jurisdictions.

Added work schedule report for Court Supervision Services.

Version 1.10.3 Released: 11/15/99

Bug Fixes:

Fixed problem on Case Maintenance window where dropdown boxes did not display any values.

Version 1.11.0 Released: 12/6/99

New Features:

Implemented Case Types list and maintenance windows. Changed Case Type in Case maintenance to use a drop down list instead of a single letter code. Cases now have an index called By Case Type.

Updated Case Maintenance window to ask for Case Type prior to the docket number to allow checking for duplicate docket number entries.

Bug Fixes:

Updated report format of work schedule reports to correct truncation of text.

Version 1.12.0 Released: 12/9/99

New Features:

Added County to Jurisdiction.

Bug Fixes:

Fix Agency maintenance to tab correctly on skills.

Fixed tab order of Jurisdiction Maintenance where country showed out of order.

Fixed problem introduced in 1.11.0 where Failure types could not be retrieved.

Other Updates:

Changed Country ID to Country for Agency, Jurisdiction, and Client Maintenance.

Version 1.13.0 Released: 12/10/99

New Features:

Added Next Scheduled Visit to Case's Notice Dates tab.

When entering Work Schedule entries, the Supervisor now defaults to the Agency's Contact Name.

Updated Mail Merge of Notices to also export Jurisdiction Address Lines, Client's Social Security Number and Date of Birth, and the Case's Next Scheduled Visit.

Version 1.13.1 Released: 12/16/99

Bug fixes:

Minor corrections to additional mail merge fields.

Version 1.13.2 Released: 1/6/00

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem with not being able to add new case types.

Version 1.13.3 Released: 1/7/00

Other Features:

Fixed Jurisdiction maintenance to fill in the city and state from the postal code.

Added agency phone number to the work schedule report.

Version 1.13.4 Released: 2/1/00

New Features:

Added ability on case list to view only specific types of cases.

Other Updates:

Added hourglass display while checking for duplicate social security number.

Version 1.13.5 Released: 2/14/00

New Features:

Added Cases by County and Jurisdiction Listing.

Added Referrals by County and Jurisdiction Type Listing.

Added Restitution Summary Listing.

Added Restitution Daily Receipts Listing.

Added County to Jurisdiction List.

Bug Fixes:

Corrected loophole in Agency removal that did not verify whether clients had been assigned. Also added removal of agency skills for the agency being removed.

Updated Fee Payment window to show docket number reliably.

Other Updates:

Updated Jurisdiction Listing to show County.

Allow Jurisdiction as a select option for case listing.

Updated Jurisdiction Types List to allow space bar to update.

Updated Jurisdiction Types maintenance to see Jurisdictions of that type.

Version 1.14.0 Released: 3/5/00

New Features:

Added Client Types table.

Enabled option under Administration|Auxiliary Tables|Types of

Updated Client Maintenance to use Client Types drop down box.

Bug Fixes:

Updated Case Listing to more accurately report those data fields which have not been filled in.

Fixed problem with Restitution Order removal under Case Maintenance where it removed an actual payment instead of the order. Problem was introduced in version 1.10.0 of the release.

Correct Client Data screen problem where Employer Phone didn't get recorded. Expanded field from 10 to 15 characters.

Corrected Referral By County Source grand total.

Fixed the following screens to allow clearing date fields and to exit if cancel pressed without an error message on the date.

Agency Detail
Case Notice Dates Detail
Case Detail
Client Detail
Client Criminal History Detail
Mail Merge Notice Detail
Fee Payment Detail
Restitution Payment Detail
Work Schedule Detail

Fixed Client Criminal History Detail screen to correctly show charge.

Other Updates:

Expanded Agency County field to 30 characters to be consistant with Jurisdiction County field size

Updated Cases By County and Jurisdiction Listing to show contact name as well as the office name on the heading.

Updated Mail Merge List screen to allow space bar to update.

Version 1.14.1 Released: 3/31/00

Bug Fixes:

Fixed problem on Case Detail Listing of printing Other Phone information by reporting "Invalid Use of Null" error.

Other Updates:

Client Types were not set up with most efficient indexes in version 1.14.1. This was corrected.

Fixed to report detail window already open if attempting to pull up a second occurrence.

Version 1.15.0 Released: 8/16/00

New Features:

Added Receipt Book Listing option under Reporting and Daily Receipts.

In the Client maintenance window, when you leave the birthdate field, the application checks for other clients of the same last name, client type, and birthdate and gives you the option to combine similar clients into one entry. As a further check against incorrect entries, the application also checks to see if you have inadvertantly put the last name in the first name field and looks for those duplicates also.

Implemented the ability to print a receipt for a fee payment in the Payment window. Also added option on the Options window for automatically assigning the next available receipt number for computer generated receipts.

Added Sentencing Types to the Case Detail window. Also added an option under Administration, Auxiliary Tables for Types of... Sentencing.

Added option for tracking File Numbers on cases. This field will no longer appear if this is disabled in the Options window.

Added option for tracking Social Security numbers on clients. This field will no longer appear if this is disabled in the Options window.

Added Scan option to Add/Update Picture for Client Maintenance

Added Case List to Offenses Detail maintenance window.

Added function to allow a user to change their own password.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed memory leak on Restitution Summary Report.

Fixed a problem with the Options window. When using the Remote directory for your database location, if you clicked OK, the database location would get reset to your Local directory.

Fixed problem on Case Maintenance window where entering a Home Phone Number of more than 15 characters, or an Other Phone Number of more than 10 characters would cause the entire number to disappear after pressing OK.

Disabled Application Setup if user doesn't have administration privileges. This prevents normal users from accessing functions that can compromise application access security.

Other Updates:

Added an index for Social Security Number to the Clients table to improve response time when checking for duplicate numbers.

Updated the Other Phone field in Client maintenance to allow up to 15 characters to be consistent with work and phone phone fields.

Added Version tracking in to bypass testing for database changes everytime the OK button is pressed on the start up window.

Enhanced lookup of database locations

Status field on Agency Maintenance window now automatically capitalizes.

Description field on Payments Received and Restitution Received maintenance windows now automatically capitalizes each word.

Updated Client addition process to make sure Clients Types have been set up before allowing the addition of a client.

Version 1.15.1 Released: 8/17/00

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem with the Receipt Book Listing that caused some receipts to appear more than once in the listing.

Version 1.15.2 Released: 8/21/00

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem introduced in version 1.15.0 that caused the start up window to try and re-create the social security index for clients even though it had already been created.

Fixed a problem in Jurisdiction Maintenance window where entering a blank postal code would cause an error. Entering a valid postal code would cause the OK button to get focus instead of the County field. Also fixed to default the country to USA.

Fixed a problem with printing a fee payment receipt that would create and "Object not set" error message if nothing was entered for the Referred By on the Case record.

Other Updates:

Added ability to remove unused Sentencing Types.

Updated the Jurisdiction Types maintenance window to allow adding, updating, and removal of Jurisdictions.

Updated the Receipt Book Listing to also report the case type with each receipt.

Updated the Fee Payment Detail LIsting to also report the case type with each fee payment.

Version 2.0.0 Released: 11/16/00

New Features:

Added Agency Report for Hours Worked Detail

Bug Fixes:

Updated problem in unknown data path window that would erroneously update the wrong registry entry for the location of the data base.

When adding the control record to the application, [Parameters].[Data Inititalized] was set to True instead of False.

Other Updates:

Converted to Visual Basic 6.0 and converted databases to the Access 97 format for increased speed and reliability.

Version 2.0.1 Released: September, 18, 2001


Updated Case Listing to also show Offense and Referral Date.

Updated application to use Jet 4.0. Removed Repair Data Base option under Administration Utilities as it is now part of Compact function in Jet 4.0.

Bug Fixes:

Updated startup to turn off read only attributes on databases when they are copied from release CD.

Fixed problem where you could not remove selection entries in a query.

When adding the control record to the application, [Parameters].[Data Inititalized] was set to True instead of False.

Fixed to not run a second copy of the application.

Version 2.0.2 Released: September 19, 2001


Updated date checking on Case Maintenance to insure that the referral date, when specified always precedes the Assigned Completion, Continuance, and Actual Completion dates to help prevent data entry errors.

Bug Fixes:

Completion Codes List did not allow you to select a record to update by pressing the space bar.

In converting to DAO 3.6, Agency Maintenance and Options Maintenance did not get converted causing an abnormal termination.

Updated Case Maintenance so that if you have a client with no payments or work schedule that has been marked completed, you can change the completion code by removing the actual completion date.

Fixed a problem with the Agency, Case, and Client List screens where if you tried to add a new record by pressing the insert key from the text box, the new maintenance window would appear behind the list window if there were enough records in the list.

Version 2.0.3 Internal Release

Version 2.0.4 Released: September 24, 2001

Bug Fixes:

More updates fixing problem with removing completion codes of cases.

Version 2.1.0 Released: December 6, 2001

New Features:

Updated Agency Hours Worked Detail Report parameters to allow selecting by Case Completed or simply Work Schedule completed. Converted case type entry to dropdown list.

Added an e-mail field to the Agency Detail Maintenance.


Updated Agency Hours Worked Summary Report to show dropdown list for case type.

Bug Fixes

Fixed problem with Startup conversions that required converting database to Access 97 format before it could update database structure.

Fixed a problem introduced with version 2.0.0 that would not start the client and case maintenance windows on the right data entry field when opening the window or returning from a subordinate record.

Other Updates:

Optimized some conversion routines used to upgrade databases from previous versions.

Version 2.1.1 Released: December 8, 2001


When updating a Case Record, you will only see the Payments and Restitution tabs if fees or restitution totals have been set up.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed problem with Startup conversions that would attempt to create an index even though it already existed in the event the update to version 2.1.0 had to be restarted.

Fixed a problem introduced with version 2.1.0 where adding a case to a client would immediately return the error "Invalid Use of Null" and terminate the application.

Version 2.1.2 Released: January 3, 2002


Starting with this version, when a newer version of the application has been installed elsewhere on the network, the older version of the program will notifiy the user that an update is available and not allow them to run until it has been updated.

Bug Fixes:

When initializing data files for the first time, user would get a "File locked for exclusive use by..." error message where the user was the one with the file locked.

Other Updates:

Corrected minor errors in the help file.

Version 2.1.3 Released: February 28, 2002


The Posting option has been overhauled to provide more extensive error checking and faster processing. It now contains two functions previously not present. First, prior to actually beginning the posting process, it scans for client skills that no longer are attached to a valid client to clean up records left over from the combining clients bug listed below. Second, you can now request that prior to posting, the dates stored in the case records be scanned to insure that they fall within a specified range of years. It is strongly recommended that when you upgrade to this version, you Clear All Transactions and re-post all Payments, Restitution, and Work Schedules with the option Log to File set so that you can verify that you have the most accurate information possible in your database.

Added check to Work Schedule detail window to verify that any ending date does not preceed start date.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem during a new install that would generate an "Invalid use of Null" error that would prevent completion of the installation.

Fixed a potential problem when combining agencies, clients, or jurisdictions where requests to change records to reflect the combination may not have occured because the SQL commands did not return an error if the command was not successful.

Fixed Work Schedule Detail's Unpost button to use start date if end date is empty in unposting totals. Previously, the option expected an end date even though the posting process used the start date if the end date was not present. Since the starting and ending dates are used in the posting process, you are no longer allowed to change these fields on a posted schedule.

Fixed bug in Client Type detail that would not let you cancel an update if the client code was already in use elsewhere. Also fixed problem where cursor was not at the first entry field when window was opened.

When pressing F1 for help on Jurisdiction Listing window, help for Fee Payment detail came up instead.

Other Updates:

The Jurisdiction Detail window did not tab to the Active checkbox in the expected order. The checkbox was moved and now follows the County field.

Version 2.1.4 Released: March 11, 2002


The installation process has been updated to allow a new installation to install the databases from the release CD so that it does not have to be set up manually prior to running the application for the first time.

The installation process has been updated to allow a new user to locate the databases on any local or network drive and install them without having to know beforehand where they are located. Note that if the databases are located on a network drive, you will still have to set up the mapped drive before the application will find the databases.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a where clearing the database would clear the current usage record.

Updated the Work Schedule report to correctly get the officer name and title from the fields set up under the Options window.

Version 2.1.5 Released: May 13, 2002

Bug Fix:

The posting process would not report work schedule dates where the end date preceeded the start date and would post the entry when it was complete. The work schedule detail window, however, would not let you unpost the transaction under this circumstance because the dates were bad. Therefore you could never correct the error. This is only a problem for transactions entered prior to version 2.1.3 as they are now tested when entering the dates.

Version 2.2.0 Released: November 20, 2003


Added Receipt Date field to Receipts. table for future speed improvements in reporting.

Added a new auxiliary table for Probation Officers to standardize recordkeeping and reporting. Implemented a new drop-down list for Probation Officers on Case Detail window.

The installation process has been updated to allow a new installation to install the databases from the release CD so that it does not have to be set up manually prior to running the application for the first time.

The installation process has been updated to allow a new user to locate the databases on any local or network drive and install them without having to know beforehand where they are located. Note that if the databases are located on a network drive, you will still have to set up the mapped drive before the application will find the databases.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug in Agency Hours Worked Detail that would sometimes generate "Error in database dll" message.

Fixed bug in Case Types List Windows that would allow you to remove a Case Type if it had no code even though Cases were attached to it.

Fixed a problem with the following reports where entering a bad date would cause the application to terminate.

Daily Fee Receipts
Cases by Jurisdiction Type
Case Notices
Daily Restitution Receipts
Restitution Summary
Cases by County/Jurisdiction
Referral Source by County
Receipt Book
Agency Hours Worked

Fixed problem with export routine where if any exported field had more than one quotation mark in it, the export failed. A related problem, not reported, involved doing a list of a name that included more than one apostrophe. This would also fail.

Posted payments no longer allow you to change the amount or receipt number.

Fixed combine functions so that Proceed with gracefully error out if source/destination is not filled in.

Fixed the Application User List window to not allow removal of the last user with administrative privileges.

Other Updates:

Upgraded Crystal Reports controls from version 4.6 to version 8.5 and fixed problem under Windows 2000, XP and 2003 where reports to the screen were not displayed properly.

Removed all Sheridan 3D controls and replaced them with their equivalent Microsoft controls for future VB.NET compatibility.

Standardized form colors to conform with whatever current color theme is selected on the computer.

List windows now access data in read-only mode for faster retrieval.


Version 2.2.1 Released: November 26, 2003


Added Probation Officers Listing under Auxiliary Reporting.

Enabled Scan option in GetPhoto to select capture device allowing the use of digital cameras.

Bug Fixes:

Corrected Tab order for Dates tab in Case Detail.

Other Updates:

Upgraded Case Detail and Work Schedule Detail windows to use ADO access method.

Removed Description column from Agencies List.

Version 2.2.2 Released: December 5, 2003


In Case Detail, the Work Schedules tab had the total hours column too far to the right. It was moved back so it could be seen without maximizing or scrolling.

In Case Detail, the Notice Dates list had a column labelled as Prompt. This was changed to Type.

Bug Fixes:

Corrected problem where entering a zip code did not automatically fill in the city and state.

Version 2.2.3 Released: December 17, 2003


Added photo to ASR006, default work schedule report.

Bug Fixes:

The Agency Hours Detail report was not showing any hours.

On Case List, the list now reorders itself when you click on an Order By option.

The application was losing the data path for the CRSYS.MDB database that contains the zip code, city and state combinations.

Version 2.2.4 Released: January 19, 2004


The Case and Client list screens now wait for you to enter what you wish to display before filling the list with records.

Added photo to ASR006, default work schedule report.

Under Agency, Case, Client, and Skill detail windows, the tabs containing lists now only show the Update and Remove buttons if there are entries on the list.

Added the ability to remove Restitution Types that have never been used.

On the Jurisdiction List screen, a checkbox was added allowing you to show only active Jurisdictions.

The following list screens were updated to show more information on how many records are in the list:
Case Types
Client Types
Jurisdiction Types
Probation Officers

Bug Fixes:

The Agency Hours Detail report was not showing any hours.

The Agency Hours Summary report would show some agencies that had no actual completed hours. This no longer occurs.

The default Agency Work Schedule report would show on the top line the total number of hours assigned by the court instead of the hours assigned specifically to the agency. This was introduced in the previous version and has been fixed.

Other Updates:

Removed all True DB Grid controls and replaced them with the ADO-aware DataGrid control for future upgrading to the VB.NET development environment.


Version 2.2.5 Released: January 26, 2004


Added an option under Administration|Utilities to make sure the structure of the database had not been damaged.

Added another option under Agency Detail's Work Schedule tab to show only completed work schedules in the list.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem where when entering a new client, if you clicked on the Add Photo button, the application did not check to verify you had entered valid data before taking picture.

Fixed a problem where the Agency Hours Detail report would not report all the completed hours.

Fixed a problem where Posting would fail if a incompleted restitution payment record existed.

Fixed a problem trying to remove an agency's map in Agency Detail would crash the application.


Version 2.2.6 Released: February 27, 2004


The following windows were optimized to display their contents quicker.
Case Detail

The photo was enlarged on the work schedule to make it clearer when being faxed to other clients.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a problem where the option to email report output did not function because some of the Crystal Reports DLL files were not in the the subfolder /Crystal under the main Windows directory.

Other Updates:

All Reports were converted to Crystal Reports version 8.5 format.

Forms that appear centered on the desktop had the call to CenterForm removed and used the form property to center it instead.


Version 2.2.7 Released: June 14, 2004


Added new tab to Client Detail for photos. The Client Detail tabs now start with the Photo tab in the front of the other tabs.

Bug Fixes:

On the Case Detail window, the creation and last update displays did not work properly after the previous update.

Fixed three problems on Client Detail where (1) you could not tab to the Notes field and (2) the Skills tab's Add/Update/Remove buttons were not correctly placed if you resized the Detail window.and 3) Photos were not saved until you pressed OK on detail screen after taking the picture.

Other Updates

Removed Apex TruGrid object as it was replaced by the Microsoft DataGrid control.

Version 2.2.8 Released: June 17, 2004

Bug Fixes:

Updated Client detail window to ADO instead of DAO and fixed a bug that caused adding a new client to fail if they didn't have a picture on file.

Version 2.2.9 Released: June 22, 2004

Bug Fixes:

Previous update caused picture to not be saved. Reverted back to DAO access for now until permanent update can be made.

Version 2.3.0 Released: August 23, 2004


The Agency Detail window now have fields for specifying if the agency is now inactive and the date they became inactive. These fields have replaced the old Status field. A new Blacklist tab lets you view the clients that have been disqualified from working at this agency. A new Hours of Operation tab lets you record the agency's normal business hours. A new Worker Criteria tab lets you specify options for which types of people the agency will and will not accept. The Notes tab is now the front tab when you pull up the detail on a particular agency.

The Agency List window now lets you specify whether or not you wish to see inactive agencies.

When creating a new work schedule, the agency dropdown list now only shows active agencies.

The Offenses detail window now lets you categorize the offense as Alcohol, Druge, Sex, Theft, or Violence related. This is used in conjunction with the Agency's worker criteria to determine whether clients should be automatically blacklisted from an agency.

The Options window now lets you specify whether or not your organization will track client photos.

The Client detail window contains two new tabs for Availability and Blacklists. If you have checked to option to Capture Photos on the Options window, the client detail will appear with the Photos tab at the front, otherwise, the case list will appear at the front.

Version 2.3.1 Released: October 9, 2004


The Client List window now has a checkbox that will let you see client records with no last name.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed a bug in Mail Merge Generate that would not generate all selected entries all the time because of an "Invalid Use of Null" error message.

Version 2.3.2 Released: October 14, 2004


Moved Completion Code on Client Detail window's Cases tab to be visible on normal sized window.

Implemented ability to re-scan photos before adding the photo to a client record..

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug in scanning new photos that would add it to the client record even if you cancelled the scan.

Fixed problem with "Invalid use of null" error appearing when creating a mail merge list if the docket number has not been entered.

Version 2.3.3 Released: October 25, 2004


Added the ability to show other cases on file in the Case Detail Listing.

Implemented ability to print the Case Detail Listing from the Client Detail window's Cases tab.

Implemented verification of Agencies assigned in Work Schedule Detail is not a blacklisted agency for the client.

Bug Fixes:

Fixed bug in Combine Jurisdictions that would cause the application to terminate.

Fixed bug in all the Combine functions that would not always clear the previous information before displaying the current information.

Version 2.3.4 Released: November 15, 2004


Updated Confirm Data Structure option to re-create any corrupted primary keys encountered during to verification process.

Added the Agency Selection Wizard to the Work Schedule detail window to help limit agencies displayed by zip code, city, or county. Blacklisted clients will now get a warning if you try to assign them to an agency that has an automatic blacklist entry and not allow the agency if the blacklist entry is manually set up.

Bug Fixes:

Updated the Case Detail Listing to correct a problem where the error message "Printer not found" would appear when trying to print the cases of some clients.

Updated the Work Schedule detail window so that a newly created entry can be cancelled without crashing the application.

Other Updates:

Replaced the DBCombo control with the newer DataCombo control in anticipation of converting to SQL Server.

Converted more internal code from DAO to ADO data access in anticipation of converting to SQL Server.

Removed the SetFormsColors call as all windows are now set up correctly at design time.

Version 2.3.5 Released: November 23, 2004

Bug Fixes:

Fixed Work Schedules Due listing to show only those incomplete schedules with an end date on or before the date specified. Previously it showed dates on or after the specified date.

Other Updates:

Added internal variables specifying whether Microsoft Access or SQL Server 2000 is the dataase engine in preparation for adding the ability to use SQL Server.


Version 2.14.1 Released: 23 May 2008

Bug fixes:

Fixed an issue with the Case Detail Report when if a work schedule's total hours was Null instead of zero, the application would crash.


Version 2.14.2 Released: 7 December 2008

Bug Fixes:

When running Alternative Sentencing for the first time, the question regarding whether you are using the Access version was asked after requesting the location of the AS.MDB database.

When running Alternative Sentencing for the first time and requesting a CD Install of the databases, the application crashed without actually setting the new locations in the registry although it did successfully copy the files to the workstation.

Fixed an issue with the Case Jurisdiction (Excel) Report where if File Numbers where not used, you would get an "Invalid Use of Null" error message and Case Info and Notes would not print.


Version 2.14.3 Released: 5 January 2009

Bug Fixes:

When running Alternative Sentencing after installing Windows XP SP3, you could get a message when generating a report with Crystal Reports attempting to install DAO.

Corrected an installation error were some Crystal Report DLL files were installed in the \Windows\System32 folder instead of the \Windows\Crystal folder.

Fixed an issue on the Work Schedule maintenance window where the Date Created and Last Updated date and times were reversed.

Fixed an issue on the Client maintenance window where the country field of the address was displayed in a larger font that any other field.

Other Updates:

The "Rebuild Disqualifications" option under Adminstration/Utilities was optimized and addtional error checking was added.

The installation package was updated to include the security updates as described in the Microsoft VB6 Security Update knowledgebase article.


Version 2.14.4 Released: 23 April 2009

Bug Fixes:

On the Skills List window, pressing Insert to add a skill would cause the application to crash.

On Agency Detail window, you could enter up to 40 characters for the Contact Name even tho 30 is the maximum size of the field. Entering a name over 30 characters would cause the application to crash.

Fixed Main Window to not retest for availability of Word every time the window is activated.

Daily Action Report on main reporting dropdown list would crash application.

Fixed issue with ASR002 report.

Other Updates:

Jurisdiction Types Detail, Sort Data Maintenance, User Maintenance windows bind to table at runtime now to improve performance

Version 2.14.5 Released: 21 October 2009

Bug Fixes:

On the Skills List window, pressing Insert to add a skill would cause the application to crash.

Version 2.14.7 Released: 14 April 2010


Updated Confirm Data Structure option to re-create any corrupted primary keys encountered during to verification process.

Bug Fixes:

On the Skills List window, pressing Insert to add a skill would cause the application to crash.

Added option on Agencies List to display agencies either alphabeteically or by zip code.

Added ability to fill in email information on a report without going through Crystal Reports' screen display.

Updated Receipt to record the receipt date as the date the payment was received.

Other Updates:

Optimized building of the disqualifications list for clients and agencies.


Version 2.15.0 Released: 19 May 2010


Updated Clients with new field for private limitations. Renamed original limitations field to public limitations.

Added a queue for rebuilding agency disqualifications list for use in multi-user environments so they can be rebuilt after hours..


Version 2.15.1 Released: 21 May 2010

Bug Fixes:

Updating an agency would cause a disqualification list rebuild even though the relevant checkboxes had not changed. This has been fixed.

Private and public limitations fields for a client now allow up to 45 characters. Previously only 30 characters of input were allowed.


Version 2.15.2 Released: 30 August 2010


The Options window now has a button to allow you so see the current Agency Queue for pending disqualifications rebuilds. This only affects multi-user systems.

Bug Fixes:

The following reports will now run without producing an error message about being unable to determine sort order: Case Listing, Fees - Daily by Person, Probation Officers, Skills, Agency Address List, Client Address List.

When the afterhours agency disqualification rebuild was running, it would occasionally produce an error when trying to update the activity log that would crash the program.

The Summary Only checkbox on any report was being ignored. This has be fixed..

Other Updates:

You must now be an Alternative Sentencing administrator to initialize data bases.

The Startup window no longer tests for MS Publisher since that application is not used by Alternative Sentencing.

Alternative Sentencing administrators now have more options in starting the rebuild process when exiting Alternative Sentenncing.


Version 2.16.0 Released: 6 September 2010


The Agency Rebuild Queue listing now allows an administrator to delete a queue entry.

You can now specify on the Agency Detail window whether that agency's work schedules should be sent by printer/fax or email.

The following reports were updated to include its report parameters on the page heading: Agency Hours Worked Detail, Agency Hours Worked Summary, Case Notice Dates, Cases by County and Jurisdiction, Fees - Daily Recipts, Fee- Daily Restitution, Fees - Restitution Types Summary, Referrals - By County, Referrals - By Jurisdiction Types.

Bug Fixes:

The Case Records Check Listing did not previously work using all the options. As of Version 2.15.0, it has quit working altogether.



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