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Vehicle Maintenance

Bringing Fleet Management to the Desktop


Asset Control

The most important part of maintaining your fleet of vehicles is having an up-to-date list of these important assets.

Click here to see a sample Asset List window.Maintain an inventory of vehicles.



A critical component in fleet management is making sure you do any scheduled maintenance in a timely manner. Timely maintenance helps ensure a long vehicle life which helps you cut the long term costs of replacing vehicles.

Click here to see the Asset Detail window.

Know when your scheduled maintenance is due.

Track vehicle cost and upkeep.



No computer system is worth anything unless you can get the information out that you need. Vehicle Maintenance provides you with the ability report your fleet records in a variety of ways.

  • Asset List
  • Gas Mileage
  • Maintenance Incurred
  • Maintenance Due

Designed to Grow With You

Vehicle Maintenance is designed so that you can use it on one desktop or several dozen. You can start with one computer and as your needs require, allow more and more computers in your network to access your fleet's records.  You can purchase the licenses for Vehicle Maintenance as you grow. There are no added charges for waiting until you need Vehicle Maintenance on another computer to buy it!

Security Matters

Vehicle Maintenance comes with its own login screen so you can control who has access to your data and whether they can perform administrative functions with the data such as set up other users. You can also specify which computers in your network can have access to your fleet information adding an extra level of security with your data.


Vehicle Maintenance comes with a ninety (90) day warranty effective beginning on the installation date of the license. If you would like more information or a demonstration copy, please e-mail us at sales@CrossSoftSol.com.


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Vehicle Maintenance
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